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Top News and Stories

Important Community Meeting !!
Monday, April 6 at 7pm in the IOOF Hall

Ever wonder about our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) transportation capabilities in the North Lake? We are fortunate to have two ambulances in our area — TCVFD and CCVFD each operate an ambulance, and when staff is available, TCVFD can operate as Advanced Life Support, the same as Trinity County Life Support (TCLS) normally operates. There are only three volunteer services in the county that operate ambulances, and we have two of them in our immediate area! Moreover, there are two helicopater services — PHI and REACH — that respond to medical emergencies, backed up by the CHP helicopter when necessary and available. Considering the remoteness of the North Lake, we have an amazing array of resources!

Many of us — and really, all of us should — have membership in the TCLS and helicopter membership programs. (Note that these programs are often mistakenly called "insurance" policies, but that's not how they work.) These programs help ensure affordability of very expensive services. Again, we are very fortunate in the North Lake to have programs available to us.

Bob Bryant, the Medical Director for both TCVFD and CCVFD, will be joined by Kathy Ratliff, TCLS Operations Manager, as well as representatives from PHI and REACH, the EMS helicopter services. These professionals will discuss the transportation protocols used by our county EMS services when deciding how to best service medical patients and trauma victims. The EMS team responding to a 9-1-1 call must make the decision how (ground ambulance or helicopter) and where to take patients. Many factors are considered in the decision, most importantly the medical needs of the patient.

Come to the IOOF Hall on Monday, April 6 at 7pm to hear the discussion and ask any questions you may have these services. For more information see the TCVFD Facebook page. Remember, you do not have to be a member of Facebook to view that TCVFD page. But if you are a Facebook member, please Like our TCVFD page.

Trinity Lake Report

3/27/15 - The lake is rising a very little bit each day and has reached 2,274' (down 96' from the spillway.) Our hiking crews have been in the high country, up to 7,000'. They have found very little snow in the Trinity River drainage.

Here is the updated graph of historic lake elevations The lake is up about 79' since the low water mark on Nov 21, about 11' lower than one year ago. You can also see that the Nov low water mark is the third lowest ever, the prior two being 1977 and 1992. We missed getting down to the 1992 level by only a foot or so. (The gaps in the line on the graph are due to missing or bad data in the state's database.)

The paved Trinity Center ramp is usable down to about 2,295' (down 75'). To get Trinity Center ramp just barely in the water, we need to come up another 21'. We have had some 34" of rain so far this rain year (since July 1) with little snow in the Alps, and that brought us up 79'. We need another 10" of rain and snowmelt to get our ramp in the water. Keep praying for rain!.

The latest word on the IP Road is that it is still closed on the northeast side of the summit.

Trailhead Pizza Opening for 2015 Season!!
Trailhead Pizza has announced its 2015 season opening on Friday, April 10 at 5pm. Spring hours will be Fridays from 5p to 8p and Saturdays & Sundays from 11a to 8p.
Bowerman Barn and Ranch Work Day
The Bowerman Gang held a productive work day on Saturday, Feb 21. The many fruit trees near the barn and the old Bowerman homestead site were pruned. They were long overdue. Also, the barbed wire fence across the road was taken down, leaving just the pasture northeast of the barn fenced for the mules.

If you're interested in helping with some of the projects, contact Carol Fall at 286-2855,

Trinity County Code Enforcement
Here are a few quick links to documents on the Trinity County website:

Bay Delta Conservation Plan and Delta Tunnels
Stop The TunnelsControversy continues as more people become aware of the Governor's proposal to divert Northern Calif water south through two 32-foot diameter tunnels under the Delta. You can read much about this plan on our Stop the Tunnels page. Below are some recent articles and news:


Stop The Tunnels

North Lake Community Action

View the TLRA page for a list of positioning letters, EIR/EIS comments, and community meeting presentations. Community Meeting logo


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