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Top News and Stories

Part-time Secretary/Treasurer
(See details below.)

Trinity Lake Report

3/26/17 - The lake elevation is up to 2,349', down 21' from the spillway. Hopefully, with the remaining snowpack, the lake will fill this year. The lake has reached 87% of capacity. All the boat ramps are in the water, although Stuart Fork Ramp is still closed. The last time the lake was this full was in May 2013.

Here is a graph of historic lake elevation (updated 3/19) showing spillway and Trinity Center ramp elevations. The Dec 8, 2015 low-water mark was the second lowest ever, the lowest being 1977. (The gaps in the line on the graph are due to missing or bad data in the state's database.)

The Bureau plans to FINALIZE their plan to make the fall flows permanent. The plan has many comments showing that it is not based on any authorizing legislation and is not based on science. It violates California water law. (See information below about the Draft Long-Term Plan.) THEY GO AHEAD AND DUMP THE WATER ANYWAY, even though they have not approved plan.

Trinity Center CSD Secretary/Treasurer Opening

Trinity Center CSD is seeking candidates for an independent contrator position as Board Secretary/Treasurer. This is a part-time role that is compensated, and provides support to the CSD board. Duties include preparation of board agendas, recording and producing board meeting minutes, maintaining the district's Quickbooks accounts, preparing checks for payment of the monthly bills, handling board mail, and other duties as described in the job description. See the job vacancy notice, and the job description.

Anyone interested may contact Board Chairman Pat Frost at 286-2855. To apply, please submit a letter of interest to the CSD at the address in the notice.

California Boating and Waterways Commission Approved Our Boat Ramp Project!

At the Feb 8 meeting of the state Boating and Waterways commission in Weaverville, approval was granted for the $1.64 million improvement project for the Trinity Center launching facility. The grant will be given to the USFS to do the work since they manage the National Recreation Area that controls recreation on Trinity Lake.

The USFS has applied for a $1.64 million grant to improve the parking, restroom and launch facilities at our boat ramp. The plan is to extend and re-pave the double-lane ramp down to the bottom of the current single-lane, put in a new floating courtesy dock, install all-new restrooms, and more! The details are in this document.

The day before the meeting, on Feb 7, the commission toured the Trinity Center ramp and concluded that this is a very valuable resource for our community in need of overhaul. A strong showing of local support both at the ramp tour and at the meeting in Weaverville went a long way toward convincing commission members of the need. They said multiple times that they were impressed with the public show of support for the project.

The work will need to be done at a lower lake level, and the end of the drought this year is ironic timing, but the project is approved and actually includes funding for a small cofferdam to allow work even if the ramp is not fully exposed.

A big Thank You to California Department of Boating and Waterways, the USFS NRA team, the Trinity Collaborative, and, of course, a small, tireless group of locals who fought to keep this project on the radar and moving forward!

USFS Local Fuels Reduction Project - DONE !!

The Forest Service project east of Hwy 3 just north of KOA is done and looks great. Here is a map of the project area. The treatment removed trees up to 8", with a few 10" trees, to reduce the density of ladder fuels. Brush and duff will be burned in the Fall. The intent is keep the forest canopy to prevent sunlight from reaching the ground and regrowing the brush.

2015 Draft Long-Term Plan for Protecting Late Summer Adult Salmon in the Lower Klamath River

US Reclamation solicited comments on a draft plan to make their late-summer augmentation release (up to 83,000 acre feet) permanent. Comments were due Aug 20, 2015. The draft plan and posted comments are available at

Trinity Lake Revitalization Alliance submitted comments on this draft. Our first comment is that the title of the plan is biased and reflects an unscientific assumption that the salmon need protecting.

Under the plan's preferred action, water would be released if "triggers" occur in the lower Klamath River.

Reclamation is supposed to answer all submitted comments, modify the plan accordingly, and then issue an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) in Spring 2016. At that time, the public can again submit comments on the EIS and final plan.

TLRA's position is that these extra water releases beyond the Trinity River Record of Decision (ROD) damage Trinity County and the businesses and communities in the North Lake. Lake recreation is a huge part of Trinity County's only remaining legal economy: tourism.

Therefore, Trinity County and lake-based businesses should be compensated for damage due to diminished lake levels and boat facilities improvements should be funded to increase the public ability to safety access the lake for recreation.

Trinity County Code Enforcement
Here are a few quick links to documents on the Trinity County website:

Bay Delta Conservation Plan and Delta Tunnels
Stop The TunnelsControversy continues as more people become aware of the Governor's proposal to divert Northern Calif water south through two 32-foot diameter tunnels under the Delta. You can read much about this plan on our Stop the Tunnels page. Below are some recent articles and news:


Stop The Tunnels

North Lake Community Action

View the TLRA page for a list of positioning letters, EIR/EIS comments, and community meeting presentations. Community Meeting logo


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