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Top News and Stories

Highway 3 CLOSED at Slate Mtn,
between Rush Creek Rd and Trinity Lake
See Alternate Route information below

(latest Caltrans information flyer)

Trinity Lake Report

4/28/16 - The drawdown for the fish project has started. Outflows may exceed inflows today, and will be about 3,000 cfs by month-end. Peak outflows will be the week of May 9 at 10,000 cfs.

The lake is at 2,302' today, down 68' from the spillway. Trinity Center ramp is in the water and usable! You may have to push some tree debris out of the way from time to time as wind and current push debris onshore. But the single lane ramp is in the water and in regular use!

Despite the continuing drought conditions in California, and the renewed mandatory cutbacks issued by the State Water Resources Control Board, the brilliant folks at the Bureau of Reclamation have called this a WET year!! Only 3.65% of California is out of a drought situation, and they are going to release Trinity Lake as if the drought is over! (See below for what the various water years mean in terms of draw-down of the lake.)

As the lake approaches its peak for the year, it is up 42%, to 61% of capacity. Nearing the end of our rainy season with a mostly dry forecast, the lake is only 74% of its historical average for the date, up 123' from low water of 2,179' (19.2% of capacity) on Dec 8. By contrast, Shasta Lake is 92% full, well over 100% of its historical average for the date, and they have been dumping water from Shasta because it is "so full" for the date.

In a "wet" year, they dump about 62 feet of lake elevation down the river for their failed "restoration" project. This doesn't count the water they send down the river for the "boat dance", the "avoid-a-fish-kill-on-my-watch" dumping of the lake, the Humboldt 50,000 af "take", or any other special interest group nonsense in August. In a "normal" year, the dump is about 56 feet. In "extremely wet" years, the dump is 74 feet, in "dry" years (like 2015), the dump is 37 feet, and in "critically dry" years, it is 32 feet.

How low our lake actually gets depends on the remaining snow pack and the amount it back-fills the water wasted down the river, and how much they actually send over to the Central Valley. They have committed very little water to he San Joaquin farmers (because they are wasting so much down the river.) Most of the fish dump occurs before, and early in, boating season.

Here is a graph of historic lake elevation, updated to show spillway and Trinity Center ramp elevations. Last winter's low-water mark occurred on Nov 21, 2014 and then the lake rose about 83'. The Dec 8, 2015 low-water mark was the third lowest ever, the prior two being 1977 and 1992. (The gaps in the line on the graph are due to missing or bad data in the state's database.)

The Bureau has published a proposed Draft Plan to make the fall flows permanent. The plan has many comments showing that it is not based on any authorizing legislation and is not based on science. It violates California water law. (See information below about the Draft Long-Term Plan.)

Highway 3 CLOSED at Slate Mtn,
between Rush Creek Rd and Trinity Lake

Hwy 3 failed ("slid out") at mile-marker 40.6 right at the top of what we locals call Slate Mountain on Monday, Mar 14. See photos here. This is up the hill south of the Tannery Gulch campground road, and just north of Trinity Dam Blvd and Rush Creek Estates. The road has completely failed, cutting off everyone north of Stuart Fork from Weaverville and Lewiston. About 500 feet of roadway has simply slid down the mountain due to completely saturated soil.

A construction contract has been awarded to Tullis Inc. of Redding. Caltrans' goal is to have Hwy 3 open with limitations by the week before Memorial Day.

Alternate Route information - 4/20/16

Hwy 3 over Scott Mt is open.

East Side/Trinity Mtn Rd through French Gulch is open. Watch out for potholes. See French Gulch Rd videos on the North Lake facebook page.

Slate Creek/Buckeye Ridge Road (also called Haylock Road) is open under pilot car control 24/7. The lastest Caltrans information bulletin is last week, but they've not changed anything. The road is now fully rocked on the slippery north end, but the rocks need compacting. Be careful. Low-center vehicles still not recommended. This is subject to change depending road and weather conditions. The rules are:

  • 4wd recommended, but 2wd are fine when it's not raining
  • No trailers
  • One-way traffic control at all times
  • Priority given to emergency and service vehicles

USFS Local Fuels Reduction Project

The Forest Service is planning a project to reduce the potential impact of a forest fire in the area east of Hwy 3 just north of KOA. Here is a map of the project area. The planned treatment of the area includes removal of trees up to 8", with a few 10" trees, to reduce the density of ladder fuels. Brush and duff will be burned. The intent is keep the forest canopy to prevent sunlight from reaching the ground and regrowing the brush. The area will look similar to the area immediately adjacent to KOA that was treated in the past.

It is hoped that all of the requisite paperwork will be completed by the springtime so that hands-on work can begin next summer. Slash piles will be created and will be burned once the material has dried. Prescribed burn(s) will be used to remove brush and duff.

2015 Draft Long-Term Plan for Protecting Late Summer Adult Salmon in the Lower Klamath River

US Reclamation solicited comments on a draft plan to make their late-summer augmentation release (up to 83,000 acre feet) permanent. Comments were due Aug 20, 2015. The draft plan and posted comments are available at

Trinity Lake Revitalization Alliance submitted comments on this draft. Our first comment is that the title of the plan is biased and reflects an unscientific assumption that the salmon need protecting.

Under the plan's preferred action, water would be released if "triggers" occur in the lower Klamath River.

Reclamation is supposed to answer all submitted comments, modify the plan accordingly, and then issue an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) in Spring 2016. At that time, the public can again submit comments on the EIS and final plan.

TLRA's position is that these extra water releases beyond the Trinity River Record of Decision (ROD) damage Trinity County and the businesses and communities in the North Lake. Lake recreation is a huge part of Trinity County's only remaining legal economy: tourism.

Therefore, Trinity County and lake-based businesses should be compensated for damage due to diminished lake levels and boat facilities improvements should be funded to increase the public ability to safety access the lake for recreation.

Trinity County Code Enforcement
Here are a few quick links to documents on the Trinity County website:

Bay Delta Conservation Plan and Delta Tunnels
Stop The TunnelsControversy continues as more people become aware of the Governor's proposal to divert Northern Calif water south through two 32-foot diameter tunnels under the Delta. You can read much about this plan on our Stop the Tunnels page. Below are some recent articles and news:


Stop The Tunnels

North Lake Community Action

View the TLRA page for a list of positioning letters, EIR/EIS comments, and community meeting presentations. Community Meeting logo


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