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SRA Fee Petition Information

The California state legislature passed Assembly Bill x1 29 on July 7, 2011 authorizing the Board of Equalization to collect a Fire Prevention Fee for all "habitable structures" in the CalFire State Responsibility Area (SRA). The SRA is theoretically all non-federal land for which CalFire is responsible for fire protection.

There are serious questions as to the legality of this "fee", and various organizations are fighting the "fee" on legislative and legal fronts. It is likely that if the battle as to the legality of the "fee" is lost by the state, then the Democrat supermajority in Sacramento will pass whatever legislation is needed to make the fee legal and permanent.

While the whole situation is outrageous, the homeowner has little that he can do other than to pay the fee and file petitions to have the fee reduced or returned. The homeowner might remember this overstepping by Sacrmamento at the next election for state legislators, but it seems voters have such short memories.

Remember, when you get your bill PAY IT ON TIME. Otherwise, you are subject to penalties and interest. It is similar to protesting your property taxes by just not paying them. The state will file a lien on your property and might eventually force a property sale to collect their money.

2017 Update

First, see below if you are unfamiliar with this whole SRA Fee controversy, or if you received a bill for $150 and your dwelling is located in one of the TCCSD or CCVFD districts. If you received a bill for $150, follow the instructions below for filing Packet 2 (TCCSD) or Packet 3 (CCVFD). Similarly, if your property did not have a habitable structure between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017, file Packet 2 or Packet 3 and send in proof that you owe nothing.

If you received a bill for $115, then you should pay it on time. Also, you should file Packet 1 to protest the legality of the tax unless you have already filed the protest information. Howard Jarvis now says you only need to protest once.

Follow the instructions below for filing Packet 1. Start with the section below titled "How Do I Protest?" and follow the instructions for filing Packet 1.

How Much Should Your Fee Be?

For each "habitable structure", the state charges $150. If your parcel is in the Trinity Center Community Services District (TCCSD) or the Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire District (CCVFD), then you are eligible for a $35 exemption for each habitable structure and your fee should be $115.

A "habitable structure" is a building that can be legally occupied for residential use. That usually means a kitchen, bathroom, running water, heat, etc. These include: single family homes, multi-dwelling structures, mobile and manufactured homes, condos and apartment buildlings. Habitable structures do NOT include buildlings such as garages, barns, outdoor sanitation facilities, and sheds.

How Do I Protest?

You file a formal Petition for Redetermination. This is a state form on which you put your reasons for petitioning. How you fill out the form depends on whether you are in TCCSD or CCVFD and how much they billed you.

You fill out their form, include any attachments, and mail it to three different addresses. The form calls for only one address, but you are more assured of your petition serving as your protest if you file it at all three addresses.

Mail your payments ON TIME and mail your petitions BY THE SAME DATE as your bill's due date. Keep copies of everything, including your payment check(s).

What Do I Do Next?

Download and print the printable instructions and the state instruction sheet for the petition form. (All files are also linked below under Resources.)

Determine which packet of forms you need based on whether you are in either TCCSD or CCVFD, and if so, whether you were already granted the $35 exemption.

Download Packet 1 if you are outside TCCSD and CCVFD, OR if you received the $35 exemption.

Download Packet 2 if you are inside TCCSD and DID NOT receive the $35 exemption (that is, you were billed $150). In Packet 2 is a letter from the CSD with maps you can use to identify to the state where your parcel is inside the TCCSD. See the Printable instructions for details.

Download Packet 3 if you are inside CCVFD and DID NOT receive the $35 exemption (that is, you were billed $150). In Packet 3 is a letter from the VFD with maps you can use to identify to the state where your parcel is inside the CCVFD. See the Printable instructions for details.

Be sure to send copies to all 3 address listed below and in the printable instructions, and mail on time!


All files are PDF files.

CalFire's Fee Information website: firepreventionfee.org

Phone number for the Fire Prevention Fee Service Center: 1-888-310-6447

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Fee Protest Information website

Addresses for mailing petitions:

Fire Prevention Fee Service Center
Attn: Petitions
PO Box 2254
Suisun City, CA 94585

Board of Forestry and Fire Protection
PO Box 944246
Sacramento, CA 94244

Board of Equalization
PO Box 942879
Sacramento, CA 94279

(Note: these should be separate mailings from your payment.)


Trinity Center VFD
Emergency: 911
Firehouse: 530-266-3420
Info: 530-356-6756

Coffee Creek VFD
Emergency: 911
Firehouse: 530-266-3955
Info: 530-266-3410

Mountain Community Medical Services (Trinity Hospital)
Emergency: 911
Tel: 530-623-5541

Trinity County Sheriff
Emergency: 911
Tel: 530-623-8127

Trinity Center Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3350

Trinity Knolls Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3504

Coffee Creek Acres Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3255

Seymour Water District
Tel: 530-266-3805

Treasure Creek Woods Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3286

Covington Mill Mutual Water Company
Division A (Covington Mill)
Tel: 530-286-2624

Covington Mill Mutual Water Company
Division B (Lake Forest)
Tel: 530-286-2232 or

Trinity Public Utility District
Tel: 800-968-7783

Trinity County Solid Waste
Tel: 530-623-1326 x108
Snow line x199

TDS Telecom
Tel: 800-358-3648

Trinity Center CSD
Tel: 530-266-3569

Trinity Center Post Office
Tel: 530-266-3455

Trinity Center Library
Tel: 530-266-3242

North Trinity Lake Improvement Association
Tel: 530-266-3807

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