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Jeeping in the North Lake Area

Resources and Important Information

There are many roads to explore in the North Lake and surrounding areas. It is good fun to get off the beaten track and explore the lesser-travelled roads and lesser-known places in the mountains.

A major portion of the North Lake Area is in the Shasta Trinity National Forest. However, the area is dotted, sometimes checkerboarded with private land. Be sure to know what land you are on when you go off road.

We call this section "Jeeping" but the trips and roads we have written about are not off-road, serious rock climbing routes. Most of the roads could be travelled by regular cars, but in some places, there are deeper ruts and small trees to cross, so the higher clearance of a jeep or SUV is advised.

Always leave a Trip Plan and Itinerary with someone who knows where you are going and when to expect you back. Many of these roads are seldom travelled and it may be a long time before someone happens along to help you if you need it. Bring emergency food and water, as well as at least a First Aid kit. If your vehicle breaks down, you may be in the mountains overnight.

It is unlikely that you will have cellphone coverage is most areas, but bring a GPS to help you navigate the roads or find your way out if you get lost. You can always backtrack the route that your GPS records for you. Also, it is fun to plot your trip in Google Earth and see where you've been.

Be sure to check out the Trip Itineraries near the bottom of this page.

We add to this list of trip descriptions regularly, so check back often, especially in driving season!

Easiest Roads

Hoadley Peaks Road

One way length: 5.2 miles
Low and high elevation: 3,170 to 4,490 feet
Difficulty: Easy

For a quick trip off the highway to a nice lunch spot with a killer view, take the Hoadley Peaks Road turnoff of Hwy 299 just east of the Buckhorn Summit. The road will take you to the top of Hoadley Peaks South. On this peak are located radio repeaters for telephone and emergency services. But you will also be treated to a view of Whiskeytown Lake and Redding beyond, as well as Shasta Bally and Billy Choop mountains. Bring a picnic lunch. The trip is a short one, but its's an easy run that gets you off the highway! Or take Lewiston Turnpike Road down to Lewiston to visit Old Lewiston, The Fish Hatchery and Trinity Dam.
Download the Hoadley Peaks Road Guide.

Kangaroo Lake

One way length (Rail Creek Rd0: 6.9 miles
Low and high elevation (Rail Creek Rd): 3,966 to 6,100 feet
Difficulty: Easy

Kangaroo Lake is outside the Trinity Alps, in the Klamath National Forest, but it is very easy to access. In fact, it offers ADA facilities and access to the lakefront as well as tent and RV camping. It is a beautiful drive up Hightway 3 from Trinity Center, over Scott Mountain pass, and a few miles up the East Fork Scott River valley. Then a climb up a mountain road brings you to a parking lot at the lake. You can hike around the lake, fish from a pier, or just enjoy the granite backdrop. There are ADA facilities so that the disabled can reach the water and enjoy this pristine mountain setting. This is a delightful picnic spot when you just want to take a drive in the mountains.
Download the Kangaroo Lake Road Guide.

More Remote Roads

Dog Creek / Delta Toll Road

One way length: 24 miles
Low and high elevation: 1,340 to 4,408 feet
Difficulty: Easy-to-moderate

A fun trip on an old pack wagon road from East Side Road to I-5.
Download the Dog Creek / Delta Toll Road Guide.

Suggested Trip Itineraries From the North Lake

Dog Creek to Dunsmuir

Take Dog Creek / Delta Toll Road from east side of Trinity Lake over to the Sacramento River. Head north for lunch in Dunsmuir or the town of Mt. Shasta. After lunch, continue north to Weed, and return to Hwy 3 via the Stewart Springs/IP Road, or a bit farther north via the Gazelle-Callahan Road.

Great Lunch Stops

Pick Up a Picnic

  • Trinity Center General Store, Trinity Center
  • MiniKat at KOA, Trinity Center
  • Yellow Jacket, Trinity Center

Dining in the I-5, Sacramento River Corridor

Dining in Lewiston

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