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Docks open
Ramp open

Store open
Office hours: 8am - 4:30pm

Docks removed
Ramp open

Ramp and docks open
Fairview ramp open

Boat Ramps

You can "follow the bouncing ball" of lake elevation and ramp usability by referencing the following:

Boat Ramp Status - Summer 2019

Trinity Center Open
Bowerman Open
Clark Springs Open
Minersville Open
Cedar Stock Open
Pinewood Cove Open
Stuart Fork Open
Tannery Gulch Open
Fairview Open

Corresponding acre-feet to ramp bottom elevation:

  • 2,378' — 2,588,335 af
    (Highest elevation on record, 1/19/74)
  • 2,370' (Full lake, glory hole elevation) 2,447,700 af
  • 2,338' (Stuart Fork ramp) 1,957,780 af
  • 2,324' (Clark Springs ramp) 1,765,410 af
  • 2,323' (Bowerman ramp) 1,751,280 af
  • 2,313' (Fairview ramp) 1,621,240 af
  • 2,295' (Trinity Center ramp) 1,403,878 af
  • 2,230' (Cedar Stock ramp) 794,700 af
  • 2,170' (Minersville ramp) 424,340 af
  • 2,120' — 222,350 af
    (Lowest elevation on record, 11/9/77)

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