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If you have community history that you would like to share, or a writeup about the current overview of your community, please send the document to our

North Trinity Lake may be rural. We may be remote. But that is what makes this area so very special. Residents and long-time visitors alike are passionate about our home and lifestyle. You can sense the deep commitment to community, loyalty to our neighbors, and the spirit of self sufficiency.

Oh, and don't forget to wave when you pass someone on the road...

A Short history of the area ...
Trinity County was a product of the gold rush. Gold was discovered along the Trinity River in 1848. The communities, ghost towns and mining camps of Trinity County had their beginnings in those historic years following the discovery of gold. view more info

Often called the gateway to the Trinity Alps.
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Established in 1854 as a store and post office for the mines.
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The East Fork of the Trinity River is one of the river's major tributaries. The East Fork river valley supports agriculture, and is home to NTL's only winery.
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Old Trinity Center was relocated in 1958 when Trinity Lake filled.
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Covington has a rich history.
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Long Canyon

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