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Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department

The Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department is staffed by volunteers, that is, no one receives compensation for serving. The department is managed by a volunteer Fire Chief and two Captains.

Mailing address:
Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department
PO Box 191
Trinity Center, CA 96091

Fire Station Address: 111 Trinity Vista St.

Firehouse: 530-266-3420

Trinity Center VFD has its own facebook page!

TCVFD membersThe Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department.

TCVFD Officers

Chief: Dwight Stewart

Assistant Chief: Carol Fall

Captains: Eddie Burch, Scott King

Medical Director: Mary Ann Bunce

TCVFD Funding
The Trinity Center VFD is a department of the Trinity Center Community Services District (TCCSD). The TCCSD provides the majority of the department's operations funding. The TCCSD is allocated a percentage of the total secured and unsecured property tax receipts of Trinity County. Approximately 0.46% of the county's tax proceeds is allocated to TCCSD. After state holdbacks amounting to a whopping 25% of TCCSD's revenue allocation, the district receives approximately $55,000 in tax revenue.

In addition to the TCVFD, the TCCSD maintains the district's fire hydrants and street lights. These items consume about $20,000 per year, leaving some $30,000 to $35,000 for the TCVFD's operating budget.

While TCVFD's operating expenses are funded by the district, most capital improvements are funded through fundraising and grants. The North Lake communities are very generous and TCVFD fundraising events are typically very successful. TCVFD events include the biennial Fire (Rummage) Sale, Firehouse Open Houses, and Pancake Breakfasts. These events are typically put on by the TCVFD Auxiliary. Additionally, fundraising for the TCVFD occurs at the Trinity Lake Fest and other area events.

The Trinity Center VFD Auxiliary plays a major role in fundraising for the department. The Auxiliary is committed to helping provide the equipment and facilities the department needs to operate. See the Auxiliary website.

Following are some of the items that the department has purchased with grants:

  • Engine #1134 ($98,000 of the $141,000 price)
  • mobile radios in vehicles
  • handheld radios and pagers
  • structural turnouts, including jackets, pants, boots, helmets, masks, suspenders, gloves, and face shields
  • wildland turnouts, including jackets, pants, boots, helmets, NOMEX hoods, goggles, and gloves
  • vehicle stabilization equipment
  • SCBA (breathing) units
  • thermal imaging camera

TCVFD ISO PPC Classification - 5/9
The TCVFD has an ISO rating of "5/9" (read "5 slash 9"). Classifications are on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is best and 10 means there is no creditable fire protection. ISO is focused solely on structure fire protection, and in determining the protection classification applicable to a neighborhood, or an isolated structure, they consider any structure further than five road miles from a fire station too far to be saved in the event of a catastrophic fire.

TCVFD's Class 5 rating applies to all properties within five road miles of the Trinity Center fire station and within 1,000 feet of a creditable hydrant or alternate water supply. This includes the Trinity Center subdivision, Trinity Meadows, Northwood Estates, Trinity Knolls and KOA.

Class 9 applies to properties beyond 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant, but within five road miles of the fire station. Properties beyond five road miles from the fire station are Class 10.

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) is a commercial company that provides statistical information and other services to the insurance industry. Many years ago, ISO created its Public Protection Classification (PPC) program to provide a rating system for fire departments. Their theory is that insurability of a property is directly related to many factors, one of which is the availability and capability of a local fire department.

ISO sends a comprehensive questionnaire, and schedules a site visit by an auditor, to measure the capabilities of a department. Trinity Center VFD has scored well for many years, providing a Class 5/9 rating to local properties. The most recent audit was conducted in 2018. Click here for the letter from ISO confirming our classification rating.

For more information about the ISO PPC program, please visit the ISO Mitigation website.

TCVFD Annual Reports
The Department Chief presents the annual VFD report at the January TCCSD meetings. Click below for the PDF files.

  • 2022 Annual Report
  • 2020 Annual Report
  • 2019 Annual Report
  • 2018 Annual Report
  • 2017 Annual Report
  • 2016 Annual Report
  • 2015 Annual Report
  • 2014 Annual Report
  • 2010 Annual Report
  • 2009 Annual Report
  • 2008 Annual Report
  • 2007 Annual Report
  • 2001 Annual Report
  • 2000 Annual Report
  • 1999 Annual Report

  • TCVFD Documents
    Adopted official documents of the Department

  • Constitution
  • By-Laws

  • TCVFD Chiefs

  • Dwight Stewart, 2024 -
  • Carol Fall, 2020 - 2024
  • Bob Bryant, 2019 - 2020
  • Steve Renten, 2015 - 2018
  • Kenny Rieke, 2010 - 2015
  • Roger Chatterton, 2007 - 2010
  • Dick Hamilton, Oct 7, 1966 - 2007
  • John Root, Feb 15, 1966 - Oct 7, 1966
  • J.D. Guice, 1961 - 1966

    Trinity Center VFD
    Emergency: 911
    Firehouse: 530-266-3420
    Info: 530-286-2270

    Coffee Creek VFD
    Emergency: 911
    Firehouse: 530-266-3955
    Info: 530-266-3443

    Mountain Community Medical Services (Trinity Hospital)
    Emergency: 911
    Tel: 530-623-5541

    Trinity County Sheriff
    Emergency: 911
    Tel: 530-623-8127

    Trinity Center Mutual Water Company
    Tel: 530-266-3350

    Trinity Knolls Mutual Water Company
    Tel: 530-266-3504

    Coffee Creek Acres Mutual Water Company
    Tel: 530-266-3255

    Seymour Water District
    Tel: 530-266-3805

    Treasure Creek Woods Mutual Water Company
    Tel: 530-266-3286

    Covington Mill Mutual Water Company
    Division A (Covington Mill)
    Tel: 530-246-9691

    Covington Mill Mutual Water Company
    Division B (Lake Forest)
    Tel: 530-768-0302

    Trinity Public Utility District
    Tel: 800-968-7783

    Trinity County Solid Waste
    Tel: 530-623-1326 x108
    Snow line x199

    TDS Telecom
    Tel: 800-358-3648

    Trinity Center CSD
    Tel: 530-266-3238

    Trinity Center Post Office
    Tel: 530-266-3455

    Trinity Center Library
    Tel: 530-266-3242

    North Trinity Lake Improvement Association
    Tel: 530-266-3807

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