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Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire District

The Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire District was formed in 2004. Their first board of directors was appointed by the Trinity County Board of Supervisors on June 15, 2004.

Mailing Address:

    Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire District
    HC 2 Box 3951
    Trinity Center, CA, 96091

Firehouse: 530-266-3955

What does the Coffee Creek VFD do?

A public agency, supported by donations and fundraising activities, the district operates under Fire District Law established in 1987 and is an independent Special District. The district's purpose is to provide fire protection and emergency medical response to the district residents.

The district is governed locally by a five-member Board of Directors, elected during the general elections held in November. The Board of Directors is responsible for setting policy and general administrative procedures for the district. The policies and procedures set by the board are then administered by the Fire Chief of the District.

Section 13800, et seq, of the California Health and Safety Code, known as the Fire Protection District Law of 1987, is the enabling legislation for the CCVFD.

What properties are in the Coffee Creek VFD?

Virtually all private lands north of Hatchet Creek, including East Fork. View a district map (district outlined in purple — it abuts the Trinity Center CSD outlined in red.)

Who is on the Coffee Creek VFD board?

The five CCVFD board members are:

  • George Lawrence (president)
  • Lorrac Craig (vice-president)
  • Barry Bowen
  • Bobby Rangel
  • Marla Walters (Secretary)

When are CCVFD meetings held?

Monthly meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6pm in the Coffee Creek fire hall.

CCVFD Officers

  • Chief: Tony Valls
  • Assistant Chief: Steve Renten


Trinity Center VFD
Emergency: 911
Firehouse: 530-266-3420
Info: 530-286-2270

Coffee Creek VFD
Emergency: 911
Firehouse: 530-266-3955
Info: 530-266-3443

Mountain Community Medical Services (Trinity Hospital)
Emergency: 911
Tel: 530-623-5541

Trinity County Sheriff
Emergency: 911
Tel: 530-623-8127

Trinity Center Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3350

Trinity Knolls Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3504

Coffee Creek Acres Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3255

Seymour Water District
Tel: 530-266-3805

Treasure Creek Woods Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3286

Covington Mill Mutual Water Company
Division A (Covington Mill)
Tel: 530-246-9691

Covington Mill Mutual Water Company
Division B (Lake Forest)
Tel: 530-768-0302

Trinity Public Utility District
Tel: 800-968-7783

Trinity County Solid Waste
Tel: 530-623-1326 x108
Snow line x199

TDS Telecom
Tel: 800-358-3648

Trinity Center CSD
Tel: 530-266-3238

Trinity Center Post Office
Tel: 530-266-3455

Trinity Center Library
Tel: 530-266-3242

North Trinity Lake Improvement Association
Tel: 530-266-3807

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