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Solid Waste Disposal

The Hobel (Trinity Center) Transfer Station on Hwy 3 is open Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

County Solid Waste website for service and disposal information, the fee schedule and hours of operation. County Solid Waste phone number is 530-623-1326.

The Hobel transfer station accepts:

  • household garbage
  • appliance and toy batteries (no car or boat batteries)
  • used car oil and filter
  • computer equipment
  • microwaves
  • home vacuums
  • yard brush
  • NO construction material, metal, tires, or stumps
  • NO batteries

IMPORTANT: It is illegal to dispose of TELEVISIONS, COMPUTER MONITORS, and BATTERIES in the garbage.  The cathode ray tubes (CRTs) contain lead and could contaminate water supplies.

Construction waste -- All construction material must be taken to the Weaverville Transfer Station, Weaverville


Aluminum, glass, and plastic

As of November 16, 2007, the Weaverville transfer station no longer accepts recycling materials such as glass, plastics, and aluminum, both CRV and non-CRV.

These materials should be taken this recycle company in Weaverville --

  • Trinity Recycling Center-- 623-1627, 1600 Davis Road; located on the "straight stretch" of Highway 299 in Weaverville, across the highway from Tops Market.


  • Automotive and marine starting batteries may be recycled for free at the Weaverville transfer station.
  • Household batteries (A, AA, AAA, C, D cells, etc.) should be collected and brought to the Weaverville transfer station.


  • Carboard recycling is available at the Weaverville transfer station. Credit is given toward the next annual fee for each yard of cardboard recycled.


  • All metal must be taken to the Weaverville Transfer Station

Packing peanuts and air bag

      • Contact Hazel in Trinity Center, 266-3327

      • Olson Stoneware (222 Main Street, Weaverville) Call first. No bubble wrap or large Styrofoam chunks. Phone: 623-4718

Clean plastic bags

  • The Lewiston Elementary School recycles bags as a fund raiser. Last year the program raised several hundred dollars. Contract: Jenni Brookins at 530-778-0969


Tri-County Independent Living in Eureka needs used computers for its Computers for People with Disabilities Program. The program serves Trinity, Humboldt, and Del Norte Counties. About 50 area people are on waiting list. Current needs are for Pentium 3 or better PCs, with a minimum processor speed of 500 MHz. Program also accepts used CD drives, hard drives, modems, laptops, monitors, keyboards, and mice.

To donate a computer or for more info: call 707-445-8404. Disabled individuals may call 707-445-8404 to see if they qualify for a computer. There is a $40 fee to cover costs of refurbishing computers.

Eye glasses

Contact the North Lake Lions Club.

Cookware, silverware, place settings

Human Response Network housing programs accepts these items. Drop off at HRN business office. All donations are tax deductible. Contact: 623-2024 or 358-5251.

New and used fishing rods and reels

Donate your used equipment to the Kid's Fishing Program at Backyard Outfitters. They will be refurbished by local teens for its "Will Trade for Trash Program." Contact: Steve Sandoval at 623-4573

Serviceable blankets, towels, rugs, kennel carriers, dry cat and dog food, and live traps

The Trinity Wildlife Survival Center in Lewiston needs these items. Ken and Shannon Lankford run the Center solely on donations! Contract: 778-3393

Trinity Center VFD
Emergency: 911
Firehouse: 530-266-3420

Coffee Creek VFD
Emergency: 911
Firehouse: 530-266-3955
Info: 530-266-3443

Mountain Community Medical Services (Trinity Hospital)
Emergency: 911
Tel: 530-623-5541

Trinity County Sheriff
Emergency: 911
Tel: 530-623-8127

Trinity Center Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3350

Trinity Knolls Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3504

Coffee Creek Acres Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3255

Seymour Water District
Tel: 530-266-3805

Treasure Creek Woods Mutual Water Company
Tel: 530-266-3286

Covington Mill Mutual Water Company
Division A (Covington Mill)
Tel: 530-246-9691

Covington Mill Mutual Water Company
Division B (Lake Forest)
Tel: 707-839-4527 (primary)
or 707-293-5875

Trinity Public Utility District
Tel: 800-968-7783

Trinity County Solid Waste
Tel: 530-623-1326 x108
Snow line x199

TDS Telecom
Tel: 800-358-3648

Trinity Center CSD
Tel: 530-266-3238

Trinity Center Post Office
Tel: 530-266-3455

Trinity Center Library
Tel: 530-266-3242

North Trinity Lake Improvement Association
Tel: 530-266-3807

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