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Trinity Lake History



How the Trinity River Lost Its Water
129 pages
By Dane J. Durham, J.D.

Table of Contents

  • The Gift of Salmon Has Been Lost
  • The Trinity Had Value Because It Could Be Taken. 1911-1953
  • How Did They Know a Dam Would Improve the Fishery? 1951-1954
  • Hurry, It’s Too Late to Turn Back Now. 1953-1955
  • Everything Changed, Including Most Project Estimates. 1955-1963
  • Almost Everything Went Wrong, But the USBR Held on to Almost Every Drop It Had Taken. 1963 – 1977
  • Streamflow Was Replaced by Dollars. 1978-1984
  • Let the Studies Begin. 1985-2000
  • Bad News: The River and the Fishery Cannot be Restored Unless the Dams are Removed, But That Was Not Evaluated. 1999-?
  • What Happened to All That Water? 1964-2000
  • Was This A Reasonable Use of Water?

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